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I don't like being stood up. "Harry."

I also don't like people who pretend to be Elders to deceive innocent girls. Or worse, those who pretend to be their friends.

So don't worry. Even if Lauren refuses to cooperate, I'll stop you. I'll be there to save the day. Again.

I love irony, don't you?

Maybe this time, the Elders will realize their mistake.

To Whom It May Concern

A "mad scientist" friend of mine has found something that will help our friend Lauren. I believe there's a win-win situation to be had here.

Contact me if you're interested.


Harry is dead.

You're welcome.


Rebecca Does Not R.I.P.

I guess it falls to me, then. The responsibility of making sure a maniac doesn't kill all of our young female members. You would think this is something that the entire congregation- especially our Elders- would want to be a part of, but no.

Of course this will take me away from other pressing issues. But we all have to make sacrifices. Sometimes impossible ones.
I'm sorry, David.
David isn't dead. I know that now. But he's still gone, and I need to get him back.

I know who he's with, so that makes things easier. If this lead pans out, I should find them before the homicidal maniac.

If I don't...well, that would be bad for Him.

I need a drink.

I'll keep you updated.
I leave for a week, and my entire world collapses.

The Hymn of One Youth Center was bombed on Friday. The entire building was destroyed. I believe my friend David might have been inside. I haven't heard from him since it happened.

I did a lot of work there. I knew the workers, and the kids. They were good people, not...whatever these terrorists believe they were.

If you have any information about this, please let us know. I believe I might know who was involved, but I don't want to make accusations until I'm sure.

Thank you.

"want to live/I don't want to die..."

I'm not usually the type of person to blog from work, but this is important.

We were supposed to have a Ceremony today, in honor of one of our Elders, but our building was attacked. The same thing happened back in August, on one of our boats, and I suspect it's two parts of the same group. This time, it was just three girls, but they shot my friend David, and they prevented our Ceremony from going forward.

Unfortunately, I know two of the girls involved. They used to be faithful members of the Hymn. Therefore, I think I can help them, but it's very important that I talk to them.

Their names are Bree Avery, and Ananda Jerr, and the third girl is Lauren Price. If you know them, or know where they might be, please let me know. I think I can help them, and a peaceful surrender would go a long way towards making this right with the Elders.

Thank you.

First Blog

Hey, everybody.

So apparently, anyone who's anyone has a Livejournal now, so I thought I'd give it a try.

My name is Lucy. I'm a faithful member and employee of the Hymn of One. I'm a Youth Counselor, officially, but I also do a lot of whatever the Elders ask of me.

One of the reasons, I think, that I wanted to post was because there seems to be a lot of unfortunate rumors going around about the Hymn of One. Like how it's a front for some secret society. It's just not true. We're just like any other religion. We just want to help people find their way.

If there's anyone out there who has questions, I'd love to help you. That's what I'm here for.